Scammers, Spoofers, Crooks, Thieves, Fraudsters and other Pond Scum

A person using the name Robert Haar of Perrysburg, Ohio, USA is fraudulently representing that he is part of Standby Finance LLC.He may provide a letter with the Standby Finance logo on it (it is not our Letterhead), fraudulently signed as Kim Epton.  He is NOT part of our organization and is NOT authorized to represent us.  Standby Finance LLC does NOT send out emails to solicit business as this person using the name Robert Haar has done.

We do not do hard money loans for a fee as suggested by the person using the name Robert Haar.  His attempted fraud is fairly amateurish but any persons encountering him and his supposed escrow agent should be aware that he has no connection with Standby Finance other than the logo he stole.


A More Sophisticated Attempted Fraud

Recently a rogue, disbarred, Swiss lawyer and his German associate tried to defraud us.  They were reported to the authorities but I suspect they are still trying to inveigle money from honest businessmen.  If you are contacted by such a combination and suspect that it may be this dishonest duo, feel free to contact Standby Finance.

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