We Welcome Brokers

We welcome and protect fees to brokers and financial intermediaries. We welcome referrals/introductions from Attorneys, Accountants, Bankers, Finance Consultants, and other Professionals.

Why refer Clients to Standby Finance LLC?

  • We pay a very substantial Broker Fee and are prepared to guarantee that statement in writing (see below).
  • We perform. Once accepted and the Arrangement Fee is paid your Client WILL get Proof of Funds.
  • You will be paid your Broker Fee direct from Escrow immediately the Arrangement Fee is cleared from Escrow.


Broker Name

Broker Address

Contact Details

In consideration of Broker’s introduction of [Client] to Standby Finance LLC (hereafter Standby) on [Date], Standby agrees to pay Broker [xx]% of the Arrangement Fee paid by [Client] to Standby, only after it is released from Escrow.

Standby will pay the above percentage of the Arrangement Fee (hereafter referred to as the Broker Fee) to Broker after the successful close of the transaction.

Broker will be entitled to a Broker Fee on all transactions [Client] may have with Standby within the ensuing 12 month period.

For and on behalf of Standby Finance LLC.


Affiliate with Standby Finance and be assured of performing for your client.

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Proof of Funds from Banks

$US10 Million or greater. Utmost privacy assured!

Proof of Funds

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We welcome and protect fees to brokers and financial intermediaries…

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Upon meeting our criteria your Proof of Funds facility is assured…

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