Our Fees

We do not charge any fees upfront.

You should be aware that other Proof of Funds providers require that a portion of the Arrangement Fee be used for bank fees. Their rationale for this is that their investors/collateral providers do not want to have to pay for funds to be moved or for a bank instrument to be issued and then find later that the Client does not proceed and consequently their fees are not paid.

Standby Finance does have bank fees and other upfront costs but we pay these out of our account and not from your Arrangement Fee held in Escrow. You are not charged until we perform.

In all cases, for the protection of both parties, we require that the Arrangement Fee be placed in an licensed, insured Escrow Account (more information about our Escrow Accounts) acceptable to us before the transaction commences. If you cannot/will not enter into Escrow we are unable to deal with you. The Arrangement Fee is not released out of Escrow until after delivery of the Proof of Funds.

Our fees vary depending on your requirement. Go here to see our Schedule of Fees

Fees are negotiable for periods longer than the initial period of 30 days. Talk to us!

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