Absolutely. Honest and knowledgeable Brokers are always welcome and bring value to the deal.

In any transaction there is risk that some of the parties may not perform. This is a situation over which Standby Finance has no control and, indeed, no involvement by which it could exercise control or guidance.

For this reason, the Client must deposit the Arrangement Fee into Escrow before the Proof of Funds is provided. The entire Arrangement Fee stays in the escrow account until the Proof of Funds account has been verified. When all parties are satisfied with arrangements, the funds are released from Escrow and the term for the Proof of Funds commences.

Yes. Some providers advertise that they have the capability to send SWIFTs. But is this from a real Bank or from some private entity that has tapped into the SWIFT system? You should note that an SWIFT MT760 is a bank responsible document.
Yes, after authorization. Compliance with privacy regulations precludes a bank officer discussing account details with a third party and casual, ad hoc contact with the bank cannot occur. Personnel at the bank where the account is held are not legally able to provide any information about the account (regardless of Client’s desires, entreaties or demands) and any repeated enquiry would be rejected and would severely compromise contractual arrangements between the Client and Standby Finance LLC. However, once authorized, contact with the relevant bank officer(s) can be coordinated.
No. Privacy Laws preclude ‘pinging’. It is an invitation for the bank to close the account. It is purported that the Client’s account can be regularly ‘pinged’ to ensure that funds are still there, thereby enabling the Trader to use the funds as collateral to facilitate his trading program. While this may sound fine to beginners, in reality this arrangement would be unacceptable to banks (the Traders’ bank) as they have no actual collateral.
Once Standby Finance accepts you as a Client we guarantee that we will provide you with the agreed Proof of Funds in a timely manner and precisely as you require. Clearly, Standby Finance has no control over your transaction beyond the point at which we provide you with the Proof of Funds and cannot guarantee it will be successful regardless of the efficacy of the Proof of Funds.
Blocked Funds is a misnomer and does not relate to any legitimate banking practice. Although it may seem like it is just word usage there is a big difference between ‘blocked funds’ and ‘reserved funds’. Read more.

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